Our leather

Leather is not only a warm and durable material, our leather tiles also absorbs sound and will bring an unique look to your home. Leather is a natural product with exceptional qualities.

ENZO PELLINI uses leather that comes from animals who have lived outdoors and were not bred for their skin. These animals are exposed to natural elements, barbed wire and mosquito bites. Sometimes these traces remain visible even after we have processed the leather, but this makes the skin unique and gives the leather character.

Our high-quality leather is made from 100% buffalo leather and is not finished with an artificial layer, so the product remains unique.


Our colours

ENZO PELLINI has carefully selected six beautiful colours that fit perfectly into your interior: Beige, Desert, Ebony, Frost, Lava and Taupe. Each colour has its own character. All colours are easy to combine with other material such as wood, stone or concrete.

The colours may vary slightly in nuance, individually or from box to box. The colour of the leather is partly determined by light, temperature, humidity, and even age. We have no influence on these factors and that creates the very charm of natural leather. Even after they have been installed, the colour of the tiles may eventually change very slightly under the influence of light, sunlight and humidity.

TIP: If you are covering an area larger than 1 m² with tiles, shuffle all the tiles from the different boxes. Mix the colour tones and create an amazing and unique look in your interior.


ENZO PELLINI leather tiles are available per square metre. There is a pack containing tiles of equal size, and a mixed pack with a variety of sizes.


Each box of ENZO PELLINI wall tiles contains enough tiles to cover 1 m² of wall. The leather tiles can be purchased in six different colours and two types of tiles (50x25cm and mixed).

Now it is up to you to choose a pattern. You can choose to attach the tiles horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Or perhaps you want to try something different. The possibilities are endless so get creative! You can even combine different colours. Check our Lookbook for pattern inspiration.

Our leather tiles are only 2mm thick and can easily be cut to size. The material’s elasticity ensures that not only flat surfaces, but also rounded surfaces can be covered.

TIP: Start by laying a pattern of your choice on a flat surface without removing the protective layer on the backside of the tiles. This allows you to easily adjust the pattern before attaching the final version to the wall.