What tools do you need

A good start is half the work. Our 100% leather tiles are very easy to apply thanks to the adhesive layer on the back of our tiles, but you do need some (small) tools in order to get started placing our leather tiles. Let’s take a closer look what kind of tools you need:

Measuring tape

Use the measuring tape to determine the starting point centrally on the wall. While attaching the tiles, you can use the measuring tape when cutting the leather tiles to size.     We recommend a measuring tape of at least     5 meters (200 inch).


An most underrated tool: a good pencil. You can use the pencil to mark the starting point on the wall, but also when cutting the leather tiles to size. You can also use the pencil to take notes or to predetermine and draw a pattern. Good preparation is important.

Retractable knife

A good retractable knife is very important. You use retractable knife to cut a leather tile to size. The leather is only 18mm thick and therefore easy to cut. Use the box cutter in combination with a metal ruler or square. Pay close attention to the surface when you start cutting tiles.


Before you start attaching the tiles, you need to determine the center of the wall as the starting point. Use measuring tape to determine the center and use the leveler for a straight horizontal and vertical line. You can also use the leveler the check if you are going straight while attaching the tiles.


To cut the leather tiles to size, you should preferably use a square or metal ruler. With a square you can easily make a 90 degree angle and cut the tiles easily. We recommend using a large and metal square or ruler. Pay close attention to the surface when you start cutting tiles.

Paint set

For good adhesion and possible visibility of seams, we recommend using (coloured) primer on the wall before you start attaching tiles. To apply the primer you need a paint set. With a wall paint brush, a roller, paint tray and tape you can get started right away.

Time to get started

If you don't have all the necessary tools at home, you can easily find everything at any hardware store near you. Further instructions including a step-by-step plan can be found here.

If you still have questions about the necessary tools or placing our leather tiles please contact us. We are happy to help you so you can get started as soon as possible.